Statute of Limitation in Insurance Claim Cases

When dealing with Bad Faith claims, it is difficult to give anything more than very general information. The information given in this site should not be relied upon for any particular claim.

Many insurance policies contain time limitations for presenting claims. For example, some policies contain one-year time limitations. If there is a time limit in the policy, the suit should be filed for bad faith conduct prior to the contractual time limitation. Otherwise, there can be a considerable dispute over when the statute has expired. We can help you interpret the terms of your policy.

If there is not a time limit in the policy, generally, in Florida you would have four years to bring a breach of contract claim for benefits under the policy. However, you would only have 2 years from the denial or bad faith conduct to bring a bad faith claim. Additionally, personal injury claims are governed by a one year statute or time limit. Claims against the state or government entities are shorter. The statute of limitations may be different in other states.

bad faith insurance claims law

Do not hesitate to contact the insurance company and ask them what the statute of limitations is on your claim. Make sure that you ask the insurance company to put the time limits in writing for you so there will be no misunderstanding.

Insurance companies are required to timely make a decision on your claim so as to not jeopardize your rights to file a lawsuit. If the time limit is approaching and you cannot resolve your claim directly with the insurance company, promptly seek the advice of an attorney.

Do not let the time pass for you to bring a claim. If you have any questions regarding time limits, please feel free to contact us at immediately.

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